When Should You Book Your Wedding Photographer?

One of the most shocking conversations I have with potential brides is about when they should book their wedding photographer! It happens more often that you think…I get the phone call that normally goes somewhat like this…

Bride and Groom holding each other in downtown san diego.

Potential Bride- “Hey Jeff! My name is “Jennie” and I have been following your work for years now! My fiance’ and I got engaged a few months ago and we are just now starting our wedding planning! I wanted to reach out and see what we need to do to book you for our wedding!

Me- “That’s awesome! I am so stoked that you want us to photograph your wedding day! When is your wedding date?”

Potential Bride – “Oh! Our wedding date is 8 months from now so we know we have plenty of time!” We are getting married at “X” Venue on “X” date”

Me – “Oh wow! Well as surprising as it is, we are actually already booked up on that date and unfortunately we aren’t available”

Potential Bride – “WHAT!!!! It’s is 8 months away!!!!”

Me – “8 months is a rather short time for our normal booking. On average, our brides book us anywhere from 14-24 months out and being that we only take a limited number of weddings per year, we have been booked for several months now”


Bride and Groom posing outside of Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley Arizona.

Ok Ok Ok…maybe she doesn’t throw a temper tantrum like above but the reality is that this happens on such a consistent basis and normally at least 2 times a month. It is the reality of our business with many vendors and ESPECIALLY venues and photographers that are in higher demand.

Overall the wedding planning process can be overwhelming at times and stress you out like you would have never imagined! So how do you plan a stress free wedding and avoid all the chaos!?!? It’s EASY! The bottom line is, it’s NEVER too early to plan! Every girl has been planning their dream wedding since they were a kid! The day has finally come and he pops the big question and you say YES! Now what? The best thing you can do is start the planning right away! Pick a date that is far enough in the future that you will have time to iron out all of the details and navigate any hick-ups that might happen along the way. Our friends over at Wedding Wire put together this great little info-graphic to help you with when to start booking your vendors.

When should you book your wedding photographer?

I hope this helps you! There is so much to consider while considering when you should book your wedding photographer! If you are engaged or know someone who is, I would love to speak with them about their BIG DAY! You can also read more about Planning Your Engagement Session Without The Headache here!