Top Three Tips To Plan A Stress Free Engagement Session


Top Three Tips To Plan A Stress Free Engagement Session

So now that you are engaged, one of the first things you will do is hire your photographer and plan your engagement session! One thing that I hear all the time is OMG!! This wedding stuff is soooo stressful! Well let me let you in on a little secret…




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It is so important that you hire a team of vendors and professionals that will do most of the work for you! Now, you still need to stay organized but a professional team of experienced vendors can make or break your wedding planning experience! There are so many questions that surround your engagement session. What do I wear? What location should we choose for your session? What time of day should we schedule our session? Should I wear one or two or 50 outfits? And the list goes on! So here are my top 3 tips on planning a stress free engagement session!




Yes! I said it! Just relax! One of the top things that can take a toll on your nerves which can affect pretty much everything from your attitude to your skin breaking out to your facial expressions in your photographs. One thing that I tell all of my brides is this. You can have the picture perfect wedding day that you have been planning since you were 10 years old and do everything in your power to make it perfect but the one thing you can’t change is… There will be at least one thing that will not go as you had planned. AND THAT’S OK! Someone will be late because of traffic, your heel will break, the tux rental store will forget the bow tie, the flower girl will spill her sippie cup on her dress! Just accept it in the beginning, SOMETHING WILL NOT GO AS YOU HAD PLANNED! With that being said, don’t freak out! Yes you should take the time and stay organized but when it comes right down to it, just enjoy the process and know that it’s your day no matter what and at the end of the day you are still marrying the man of your dreams!


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Do Not Be Late

I get it! Crap happens! Traffic sucks, the dog pooped on the carpet, flat tire…whatever, I get that life happens. But plan for it. I always try to add 20-25 minutes to the front end when I schedule an engagement session but the one thing that I cannot control is the sunrise or sunset. (If I could, I would charge double…lol) There is a prime time for the perfect light and that is what I want for your session! Perfection! If you are late to your engagement session, that means I have to eliminate some ideas that I had, or we have to cut the session short and rush through parts of it and that’s not what I want to do! Your engagement session serves two purposes. One, I get you in front of my camera for the first time and two, I get to spend time with the both of you. I get to learn about you and your families and how you met and see deeper into your story! This helps me MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW! Getting to know you on a more personal level allows me to interact with you and with your likes and dislikes and really know how to get the best out of your photographs for your engagement session as well as your wedding day! Being late to your session really hurts that time that is so important! So…PLAN FOR IT!


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Trust Your Photographer With Your Clothing Options

This can be huge! My #1 goal for your engagement session is for you to look and feel natural! I am not your JC Penny photographer so if you are looking for a prom pose, that ain’t me! I want to capture movements and true emotion if the both of you. Part of that comes down to the outfit(s) that you decide to wear. You want your session to be special and look your best but at the same time I want you to be comfortable. When you are comfortable you will be more relaxed and open to having a bit more fun during your session than if you were in a 3 piece suit and a sequined gown! So whatever it is that you are comfortable in, wear it! The other side of that is, please please please, when you decide on your outfit, send me a couple of photos of it! I do this every week and I know what colors go best in certain locations. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear forest green in the desert, otherwise you just look like a cactus. lol So, don’t be afraid to ask my option and let me help guide you on the perfect color options! Otherwise, don’t email when you look like a cactus. (I’m laughing so hard right now! : )


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For me, photographing your engagement session is much more important than even your wedding day! Why you ask? Because it helps me get to know you on a deeper level and it gives you the chance to get comfortable in front of my camera and trust me, that will place a HUGE part on your wedding day! The bottom line is, I want this experience to be enjoyable and I want the both of you to have a blast and the last thing I want is to just be another check off the vendor list. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it!


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