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 Top 5 Wedding Day Tips


Here are our Top 5 Wedding Day Tips. When it comes to the wedding day and everything surrounding it….engagement, dress shopping, cake tasting etc…it can be a bit overwhelming. There is guest count to decide on, venue choices and a budget for everything for most! Today on the blog I am going to share with you my Top 5 Tips For Your Wedding Day to help you stay relaxed and be able to enjoy every minute of your BIG DAY!






            Relax and Leave it to the Professionals

                    Exactly! You have spent hours and hours of planning and searching Google for inspiration to help you plan your big day! You should not be stressing through this entire process and miss all of the priceless moments of your wedding day because your worried that the Hydrangeas are 1 inch shorter than you want them. Im going to let you in on a little secret…you cant tell anyone that I told you this because it is a top secret wedding professional insider type of secret…are you ready for the BIG secret?… Here it is…No one is going to notice the small things that didn’t go quite like you had wanted them to!



          Hire a Wedding Planner!

                    This will be the best decision you will make when it comes to planning your wedding day! I totally understand budget and lets face it, weddings are an expensive investment. In the big picture, hiring a wedding planner can actually benefit you and save you money! Yes it can! A good wedding planner will sit down with you months before your wedding day and put everything on paper to stay organized. They will know your wants and desires and most of all your budget. A good wedding planner has the inside scoop on the best local vendors and who to call for the job! They will help you with conversations when hiring your vendors, managing the payments and overall insuring that your day will run as seamless as possible. A professional wedding planner when its all said and one will be your best bet to help you stay on budget and make your day one to remember so you can take a step back and enjoy it!




          Stop looking at Pinterest!!!!!!!

                    Don’t hate me yet! We have seen it time and time again, a bride flips through the endless pages on Pinterest and decides on 1000 ides for her wedding and then throws them all together and gives them to the appropriate vendor and says “This is what I want!!”

Sounds like a good plan right? WRONG! Here is the inside scoop on Pinterest, most of the wedding photographs that you see on there are staged and fake. I said MOST…not all. These beautiful placed table spreads and perfectly styled brides without one hair out of place are fake weddings that are set up as INSPIRATION for your wedding day, not for you to expect an exact duplicate. It is totally fine to pick out a few photographers that you like and use them as a tool to select your vendors. Maybe you like a certain style of floral design for your tables or s specific color of tux, all of those are fine, but do not get stuck to Pinterest! Let me explain if from a photography perspective. Lets say you have hired me as your wedding photographer and you love our style and you love the work that you have seen on our website and in our magazine publications, then you bring me 100 photographs from Pinterest and ask me to copy what you have found. This causes a few issues…#1, we as photographers develop our own style and it is different from anyone else. Sure there might be some similarities from other photographs but we all put out own spin on it. You have hired us because you love US! The best thing to do is find the photographer that you love and after reviewing their qualifications, take a hands off approach and just trust them! Trust that you fell in love with their style and their personality and trust that they know what they are doing. We work best in our element when we are left to have complete creative control to provide you with the BEST photographs of your special moments! Just keep as a reminder….why did you hire that particular professional in the first place? Because you love what THEY do!

Top 5 Wedding Day Tips Phoenix Wedding Photographer


          Family Portraits

                    Communicate with your family a couple of weeks before the wedding day what your desires are for family portraits. Do you have 65 members of your family? Thats totally fine! Make sure you meet with your photographer before hand and discuss how photographing that large of a family can fit into the wedding day. Its all about the timeline and you can read more about that here.  One of the most chaotic parts of the wedding day is usually the family portrait time. There is family from out of state that you haven’t seen in 10 years, there is also family that you have never even met and mother in laws and grand mothers who all want their special moment with the beautiful bride & groom. This is totally OK but make sure it is scheduled and organized. Make sure you and your photographer and planner have discussed who you want included in the family portraits and how best to navigate it. Again, as mentioned earlier, trust the professionals that you have invested in!




          Have fun!

                    When it is all said and done and your wedding is finally here, don’t worry if something goes different than you had planned. Just enjoy the day withy our family and your spouse! If something goes different than planned, its nota  big deal. I promise you every one of your guests will still enjoy their time and love that you included them in your special day. Now if something BIG goes wrong, like, you fall walking down the isle, the grooms pants rip, the cake table smashes to the ground. Don’t freak out! Relax and laugh it off. Your guests will feed off of you in everything. If you freak out then they will turn awkward and not enjoy their time. If you laugh it off and move on and not let it get to you, they will continue to enjoy the day and enjoy celebrating with you!

Top 5 Wedding Day Tips Phoenix Wedding Photographer

So I could go on and on but these are my Top 5 Wedding Day Tips and I feel are the most important. We would love to speak with you about your BIG DAY and hear all of the wonderful details! Head on over to the contact page and shoot us a note! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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