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Phoenix Voyage Magazine // KolorPHX Photographic CO. // Phoenix Wedding Photographer

I was blown away when Phoenix Voyage Magazine reached out to me a few weeks ago and I had the honor to sit down with them and tell my story of how I became a Phoenix Wedding Photographer. I am always so humbled when someone wants to share my story. I believe in the power of community and helping others. While I do not know everything and I am always learning, I am so honored that God chose me and brought me to where I am today as a Phoenix and Destination Wedding Photographer. My family and I have been through so much the last few years, some pretty tough times, but I wouldn’t take it for the world! I believer that many times in life you have to make decisions, lets call it a fork in the road, the decisions are usually never easy, but depending on which way you go can completely change where you end up in life. Having a strong community and family by your side is something that I will never take for granted.  I am super humbled that they decided to feature my story! I hope that what I have to share might bring hope and inspiration to wherever you are at in life.  Head on over and check it out!

Phoenix Voyage Magazine – Meet Jeff Watkins


Phoenix Wedding Photographer Phoenix Voyage Magazine

Phoenix Wedding Photographer Phoenix Voyage Magazine


Jeff is the Owner of KolorPHX Photographic CO and one of Arizona’s top wedding photographers and has been featured in many publications such as:






and many more!

“We would love to speak with you about your big day and how KolorPHX can provide an expierence that will last a life time!”


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