Arizona Sunset Engagement Session / Kailynn + Kyle

Arizona Sunset Engagement Session

I had the chance to photograph Kailynn + Kyle and their Arizona Sunset Engagement Session and all I can say is WOOOOW!!!! The Arizona Sunset never disappoints! The colors are always oh so EPIC! From streaks of vibrant orange to blasts of pink, The Arizona Sunset never fails to put on a show!

Kailynn + Kyle are such a joy to be around and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding!

Here is how they met in Kailynn’s words…

Arizona Sunset Engagement Session Phoenix Wedding Photographer

How We Met

“Kyle and I met while we were both 17 and still in high school. Since we went to separate schools, we met through his older sister, Kristen. One day I went to pick up Kristen to go shopping and Kyle answered the door. Kyle was wearing a white tee with basketball shorts and a make-shift necklace from string and Monster drink tabs – It was every girl’s dream! Over the next month or so, Kristen, myself, and Kyle started hanging out frequently. Then one night, Kyle and I were talking outside and saying goodbye to each other when he kissed me! I was so shocked, I pushed him away (don’t ask me why, I have no idea)!



What happened next?

Shortly after that, Kyle and I began officially dating on February 24th. Many date nights and family gatherings later, Kyle and I graduated high school and decided to get an apartment together. A year later, we rented a house with some of our close friends and then two short years later, purchased our first home together. I had been teasing Kyle about getting married for about a year after we bought our house before I stopped because I realized it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. After all, we just recently bought a home and also found out we were pregnant!!

Engaged couple sitting on the ground kissing under the Arizona sunset.

How did he do it?

Kyle and I planned a trip to San Diego for a couple of days just to relax. At this point, we had been together for five and a half years. While in San Diego, Kyle kept wanting to do all these extravagant things – surfing lessons, jet ski rentals, and more. Normally, I would have been all over these suggestions, but I was pregnant and didn’t want to do anything too risky. It was our last night there and Kyle ended up taking me to a restaurant for dinner and said we should take a walk on the beach afterwards. Tired and ready for bed, I reluctantly agreed to go but I wanted to stop at the hotel and change into something warmer. When I was finished changing, Kyle was on the balcony so I joined him. Overlooking the beach and resort, we started talking about our relationship together and how our lives are going to change (in a good way) very soon. We were talking about our future and how we can’t wait for the next couple years. All of a sudden, Kyle is on his knee asking me to marry him. I was so shocked and ecstatic at the same time! Of course, I said yes!! Later that night, Kyle was telling me how he has had my ring for almost a year and was waiting for this trip to propose. He wanted to do all those activities to propose to me but I kept telling him no so the plan kept changing. Now, we will be getting married the night before our 7-year anniversary!”


Arizona Sunset Engagement Session Phoenix Wedding Photographer Engaged couple holding hands while walking in the desert at sunset. A man and woman cuddling together on a blanket. A man and woman snuggling under the sunset. Arizona Sunset Engagement Session Phoenix Wedding Photographer Arizona Sunset Engagement Session Phoenix Wedding Photographer Arizona Sunset Engagement Session Phoenix Wedding Photographer


I had such a great time photographing your Arizona Sunset Engagement Session! You guys totally rocked it and I cannot wait to celebrate with you on your wedding day!


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