Hi! My name is Jeff Watkins. I fell in love with wedding photography several years ago after spending 90+ hours working as a chef in some of the countries top hotels and resorts. I woke up every day dreaming of something bigger.
After some life changes in my family, I was able to walk away from the hot kitchen and do what I LOVE...wedding photography!

There is something I love about being trusted with all of the special moments that I only have one opportunity to capture. I love meeting the bride + groom for the first time to see the love that they share and the smiles on their faces. The way he looks at her and she blushes over him is magical! I love seeing the bride on her wedding day so anxious and excited but at the same time so scared.

I love seeing the father of the bride as he holds her close as they dance and whispers "you will always be my baby girl" I love seeing the groom as the bride turns the corner to walk down the aisle and that one single tear races down his face. All of these moments are so priceless to me and I am so humbled that I get to live every day making memories! I love what I do and I cannot wait to speak with you about the details of your big day and how we can make memories for you that will last forever.