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12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know // Phoenix Wedding Photographer


Today on the blog I am sharing 12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know. Being a Phoenix Wedding Photographer and traveling the world capturing special moments for all of our wonderful clients, we see things that sometimes a bride and groom may not even think of. There is a back side to being a wedding photographer and much of it we try to hide or we will never discuss with you and you might not ever know. Because as a professional, its our job to make your BIG DAY the best that it can be and provide you with the most EPIC photographs and expierence that you have hired us for! So to let you in on a few secrets that you might not know, here are 12 Things That Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know.


12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know Phoenix Wedding Photographer


I still get nervous before each and every wedding.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and I love every minute of it! I love being in the center of all the emotion and happiness of the big day. But as you have heard me say time and time again, there’s something about when a bride and groom trust me capture all the special moments of their wedding day. My one and only goal for your wedding day is to create the best experience that I possibly can and for you to enjoy every minute of it. I think about your wedding day all the time but the week leading up to your day I’m usually overwhelmed with emotion because I want to do everything that I can do knock it out of the park for you!

I love it when you text me to tell me all of the little details about your day!

I love getting those little messages letting me know that you have found the perfect dress or that the referral that I provided you is a perfect fit! It makes me smile and gives me that little piece of gratification and lets me know how your wedding planning progress is progressing. I’m definitely not a wedding planner, but knowing that a bride cares about what I think is one of the most humbling things ever!

12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know Phoenix Wedding Photographer


What I want more than anything is your trust.

You have hired me because you love our style and our personality and you want us to provide the best possible experience and photographs for your wedding day. What I need you to do is trust me. Trust that the direction I give and the recommendations that I make I only do it for the best for you as a bride and groom. If you’re wondering why I’m Asking you to do specific things such as the groom nozzle his nose into the side of the brides temple or asking you to laugh like a little three-year-old while you rock back-and-forth, trust me that this might feel completely crazy but I know what it takes to create the type of photographs you have hired me to create.

It breaks my heart when you don’t credit us or you throw those crazy green Instagram filters on your photos.

We pour heart out creating some of the most spectacular images for you and we edit them in a way that is consistent with what you have seen on our website and social media. A big part of our business is social media visibility and client referrals. So when someone sees our work on your social media, it’s a representation of us and those crazy green Instagram filters are not very flattering LOL. When you post your photos without crediting us it’s kind of like a punch in the gut. Like I mentioned, a lot of our business comes from social media and client referrals so when you tag us, it automatically links anyone who might be interested in hiring us back to our business pages. This is like free advertising and it has a huge reach!

A hot meal would be so nice!

We ask our clients to include us in the guest count and provide us with a guest meal. While we do not expect fillet and lobster, there have been times that we’ve been given week old soggy ham sandwiches or a plate full of random leftovers from the venue. We work our heart out for anywhere between 8 and 14 hours and the one and only meal we get that day is usually dinner, Which obviously comes towards the latter part of your day. So we’ve been exhausting ourselves physically and mentally and then we sit down to a soggy ham sandwich which a lot of the times is not edible. You would be surprised at how many venues do this while their staff is sitting to the side eating steak and lobster. So we would love a hot meal!


12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Forget Pinterest and a shot list!

This goes back to what I previously mentioned that you have hired us to photograph your wedding day based on the work you have seen on our website and social media. We have also shown you wedding albums of real weddings and printed products of real weddings from our past clients. We have done this enough to be fully aware of what the important parts of the day are. By giving us a shot list, this limits our creativity and places us in a box per se and does not utilize our full capability in the creative process for your wedding day. The images that you find on Pinterest most of the time are either fake weddings or they were photographed on a specific day and a specific location with a specific type of weather in a specific type of light with a specific photographer and that photographers specific vision. This is pretty much impossible to re create number one and number two we do not really want to re-create another photographers work. We want to provide you with a unique collection of high-end photographs that are specific to your special day.

I might need to sit down for just a few minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier, the wedding day is extremely exhausting both physically, emotionally and mentally. We are running on all cylinders from the time we arrive until the time that we leave. Sometimes we need to just step away for a few minutes and gather our thoughts (or chug down an energy drink or some coffee) so we can stay 100% focused on you for your entire wedding day!


12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know Phoenix Wedding Photographer



 We would love for you to rely on us for your wedding day timeline.

There is one thing we cannot change and that is mother nature. We cannot control if it rains, what time the sun rises or the sunsets. It will make your day flow that much smoother if you rely solely on us (working directly with you or with your wedding planner) to help you with your wedding day timeline. The majority of everything else can be adjusted such as what time is the first dance or what time will dinner be served but we know how long we need to photograph specific parts of the day and it makes your day that much better if we have control over that. So before you set a ceremony time or decide what time dinner will be served, let’s get together and discuss it so we can organize your day the best it can be!

Don’t look at our camera!

Our style is focused on those candid, intimate and special moments of your day. We do not focus very much on post photographs or traditional style portraits. While there will be times where we will pose you, we are posing you in a way that it looks natural and technically un-posed. You can rest a sure that we will direct you the best way possible to make you look absolutely gorgeous in your photographs! If I uncle Bob or Mom decides that she has better ideas, that can greatly hinder the quality of the photographs that we are able to deliver you. So trust us!


12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know Phoenix Wedding Photographer



Your dress is going to get dirty!

Most of our clients choose to have a first look which we highly recommend and you can read about why we recommend a first look HERE. We’re going to walk around your venue and use different backgrounds, textures and scenery for your photographs and we will do everything in our power to keep your dress as clean as we possibly can, but it will get dirty. I carry in the back of my car what I like to call a bridal emergency kit and that kit contains almost everything that we have found a bride usually forgets on her wedding day including stain remover and wipes. So you’re dress will get dirty, but we are prepared for any stains that might be severe.

There will be something on your wedding day that will not go as planned.

I tell all of my clients to just chalk it up on day one that something will go differently then you have originally planned it. Someone will forget the groomsmen bowties or someone’s shoe heel will break, or your flowers will not arrive on time because the florist was stuck in traffic or it may even rain! When it comes to your wedding day, just stay relaxed and enjoy every minute of it! Trust a professional vendors that you have hired to do their job and adjusting if something were to go off of the original expectations.

Please do not select your photographer just based on budget.

While I completely understand budgets and most every bride has a budget to work within, wedding photographs are the one and only thing that 50 years from now you will have left to look at. You will only eat your cake once and you only wear your dress once and you will only spend just a few short hours at your venue, but your wedding photographs are priceless and should not be taken lightly. We always suggest to hire the best possible photographer that your budget will allow and then try to invest a little bit more. There are many things that factor in to the pricing of a professional wedding photographer. What type of gear are they using? Do they have business insurance? Do they pay their taxes? Do they hire the best staff and additional photographers? What type of quality do they deliver both in the photographs as well as tangible product. After finding a venue, this should be you’re number one investment because it is not something that you can re-create. So re-visit your budget and see if there might be some areas that you can adjust in order to invest in the best photographer possible!


So there ya have it, 12 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know. I hope you were able to see how much we truly care about making your BIG DAY one that you will remember forever and providing the best expierence and photograph collection that you will treasure for years to come!



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