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These are my Top Three Apps To Stay Organized as a Phoenix Wedding Photographer!

It takes a ton of work to run a successful small business and it’s not all glitz and glamour! While I love being a Phoenix Wedding Photographer, I have my fare share of tough days just like any other! One thing that has to fire on all cylinders 100% of the time is staying organized! My being a Entrepreneur means that most of the time all the jobs fall on my shoulders. In your day to day job you have someone that manages finances, someone who manages social media etc…I do it all! Now, there are some things that I have outsourced to outside individuals/companies to gain back some of my time, but for the majority, I like to have my hands on everything with our brand because thats what KolorPHX is all about! Custom and Handmade! Everything you receive goes to me first to make sure it is the best quality and exactly what we want to represent our brand! So, to be able to do all of these tasks, I have to stay organized. So here are my Top Three Go To Apps for staying organized!


Top Three Go To Apps Phoenix Wedding Photographer

          HoneyBook is what I call a Client Management System. One thing that I learned early on is the busier that I got, the more emails, text messages and paperwork I had, and it was OVERWHELMING to say the least! After trying a few different options, I was introduced to HoneyBook from a fellow photographer friend of mine. This is a gold mine for organization! HoneyBook allows me to create a “Workspace” for each client where I am able to store all communications including emails, contracts, invoices, timelines and anything else that is important to my client to have access to. This was a game changer for me! So what previously took me a couple of hours to do, now I have streamlined into a workflow that allows better time management and quicker, more accurate communication with all of our clients. One thing that we pride ourselves on is the expierence that we offer. We want our brides and grooms to have the best, least stressful and most enjoyable expierence from their first communication with us until the end. Weather it be a phone call, email etc, we strive to provide the best, and if I am stuck behind and unorganized pile of emails, how am I supposed to provide the expierence that our brand represents? Thanks to HoneyBook, all of that has changed!



Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer



    Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer

          Let me introduce you to MileiQ as one of my Top Three Apps To Stay Organized. If you are a small business owner/entrepreneur, this is a must have! If you do not have it already, stop reading this blog, go download it now and then come back! Its that important! Our schedules are different every day of every week. No two Mondays are the same and no Tuesday is the same as Friday. One day I might go from client meetings in the morning to a lunch with one of the amazing local wedding vendors to picking up my son from school in the early afternoon then off to hip-hop class (for my son, not me..that would be bad) then to a sunset engagement shoot and then to a late night consultation with a potential client. Its all over the place, all the time! Thats where MileiQ comes in. MileiQ runs in the background of my phone and tracks every drive that I take and saves it for me to categorize later. It gives me the start time and end time and the starting location and the ending location. I am able to view this in real time or the app will save it for later. Then when I am ready, I cake a couple of minutes and review my trips for the day and swipe-left to categorize as business and swipe right to categorize as personal. Then at the end of each month, MileiQ sends me a itemized monthly statement of my travel. I save all of these monthly statements and have the ready for tax time! Previously I was writing everything down in an old school paper milage report book. This sucked! I would always forget to record a trip or trips then I would forget where I went and what for. Now with MileiQ all of the hard work is done for me! Every time I open up the app, it tells me if I have any trips to be categorized and keeps up with everything for me! Its a must for travel organization!


Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer


     Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer

        As a Phoenix Wedding Photographer I have a specific style and look to my photographs that our clients love and when they hire us they expect that style to be consistent with what they will receive. The biggest factor in how a photograph looks is the time of day that the image was taken. Now, we have situations where something needs to be photographed at a specific time of day and there isn’t any option to change the time so we have to roll with it, but informing our clients that those specific set of images might be a bit brighter or darker than normal or have different characteristics than what would would like, but sometimes you are unable to avoid that due to their scheduled time at a venue or guest getting stuck in traffic on their way to the wedding etc. But knowing what I have going on each day and when the sunrise and sunset is going to take place allows me to free up more time in my schedule to allow me to focus on other things. With Sun Surveyor, I am able to track the sunrise and sunset down to the minute and know exactly what is going to happen and when! There are two primary times that I love to photograph during the day. Blue hour and Golden hour. Blue hour is the time right before sunrise and right after sunset where the lighting changes to this beautiful blue glow and give a great opportunity for photographing a silhouette or darker style image. Golden hour is the time right as the sun rises or right before the sun sets. Golden hour is usually around an hour in length, hence the name Golden Hour. It is the prime time, sexy romantic golden desert glow that you see in many of our photographs that we LOVE! So with sun surveyor as one of my Top Three Apps To Stay Organized, I am able to track those times and schedule accordingly with our clients to maximize the best use of our times.

Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer Top Three Apps To Stay Organized Phoenix Wedding Photographer

We have many more useful tools that we use to help organize our day but these are my Top Three Apps To Stay Organized that I cannot live without. We love what we do and we are always striving to do it better and without staying organized that would not be possible! All of these apps are available in the App Store or Google Play so make sure to head on over and check them out today!


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