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Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline


Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline…This is one of the, if not THE most important part of your wedding day planning. All of the hard work and investiment can hang on this one detail of your day.


Phoenix Wedding Photographer Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline

There are many things to consider when planning your wedding day timeline. Most brides scheduled their venue then go ahead and schedule their ceremony time without consulting their photographer or wedding planner first. This in our opinion, is not a good idea. Most of the day can be adjusted other than one thing, your photography. A professional wedding photographer can work many miracles, but changing the sunrise and sunset isn’t one of them. The first thing that we consider is, depending on weather or not you decide to have a first look, will determine what time your ceremony should start and where in the day you should schedule your Bride & Groom portraits. We always recommend a first look! You can read more about our Top 5 Reasons To Have A First Look On Your Wedding Day here. The biggest reason why we always recommend a first look is, it allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour and be a bit more relaxed throughout your day. The first look isn’t your thing? No Problem! We can easily help you customize a timeline for your day without including a first look as well! Although a timeline without a first look would require you to have an earlier ceremony and miss out on your cocktail hour, some brides are ok with that!


Phoenix Wedding Photographer Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline


The next thing we always consider when planning your wedding day timeline is, something will go wrong. YES I SAID IT! Something will go wrong! Your tailor will forget the bow tie for the groomsmen, your shoe will break, someone will be late because of traffic etc. We like to go ahead and get it out in the open that most of the time something will go not quite the way you had planned it which is OK! This is the reason you hire a team of top notch professionals to manage your wedding day. We are used to it! Let us take care of everything for you. As a Phoenix wedding photographer, we are used to changing things up a bit and knowing how to re arrange a timeline on the fly to be able to make the most and still deliver everything that you want!

Phoenix Wedding Photographer Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline


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Here are some examples of a timeline that we used a a recent wedding that the bride & groom decided to have a first look:

Timeline W/ A First Look


– 12:00 // Photographers Arrive at hotel

– 12:00 – 1:30 // Getting Ready

– 1:30 // Depart for “Venue”

= 2:30 // Photographers Arrive at “Venue”

– 3:00 // Bride & Groom Arrive at “Venue”

– 3:00 // Bride arrives at “Venue” gets into her dress.

– 3:30 // First Look

– 3:45 // Family Formal Photographs

– 4:00 // Bride & Groom Portraits

– 5:00 // Ceremony

– 5:45 // Sunset Portraits

– 6:00 Cocktail Hour

– 7:00 // Grand Entrance

– 7:05 // First Dance

– 7:10 // Dinner

– 7:55 // Toasts

– 8:15 // Father/Daughter Dance

– 8:20 // Mother/Son Dance

– 8:25 // Open Dancing

– 9:00 // Anniversary Dance

– 9:10 // Garder/Bouquet

– 9:20 // Open Dancing

– 9:45 // Cake Cutting

– 9:55 // Open Dancing

– 10:30 // Evening Ends

– 11:00 // Time Over at Venue


As you can see, this is organized in a way that we have plenty of time to work within the timeframe and be able to capture everything that we need and still have some extra time in case something goes a different direction. We build in a little bit more time that we actually need knowing that we will need to adjust on the fly and help the day flow flawless!


Now here is an example of a timeline without a first look :


Timeline W/out A First Look


– 12:00 // Photographers Arrival
– 12:15 // Details
– 1:15 – 2:15 // Girls
– 2:15 – 3:15 // Guys
– 3:15 – 4 // Reception/Ceremony Details
– 4:15 // First look of ceremony and reception
– 4:25 // FINISH Reception and Ceremony Details
– 5:00 // Ceremony
*****SUNSET AT 6:32*****
– 5:45 // 6:45 – Bride and Groom Photographs
– 7:00 // Grand entrance
– 7:10 // Dinner
– 7:50 // Toasts
– 8:00 // First Dance
– 8:05 // Mother Son // Father Daughter Dance
– 8:15 // Anniversary Dance
– 8:25 // Open Dancing
– 8:30 // Family Photos
– 8:50 // Bouquet/Garder Toss
– 9:05 // Cake Cutting
– 9:20 // Mock Grand Exit (While Cake is being plated)
– 9:50 // Open Dancing
– 10:30 // Photographers Leave
Phoenix Wedding Photographer Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline
The difference is a custom timeline without a first look can be a bit bore structured and scheduled and most of the flexibility in time is taken away due to the fact of needing to fit everything in after the ceremony such as bride & groom portraits, full bridal party, family etc. We are not able to do those things before the ceremony because the bride & groom have not seen each other yet and obviously everyone needs to be together for those moments. Also, as a bonus, you get extra photographs by having that intimate time with a first look built into your day.
The bottom line is when planning your wedding day timeline is working with a team of professionals, including a professional wedding photographer as well as a professional wedding planner can make your day and create an expierence that you will never forget!
So to conclude, my best advise is, schedule a time with your photographer and discuss your needs and wants and rely on them to help you create your timeline and stick to it. Its all in your best interest and providing you with the best experience on your BIG DAY!!
Phoenix Wedding Photographer Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline

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